Charitable Activities

The West Indies Yacht Club, following a long tradition of providing assistance of any kind to people in need, powered a special charity department to actively help the development of local communities scattered all over the Caribbean islands, through teaching navigation and maritime skills to disadvantaged youth.
With this program, they would learn a trade in the maritime industry, become experienced sailors and brought back home new opportunities for their own families and communities.
Learning a trade in the maritime industry is not only a way to earn a better living and improve competences, but enphase to the students the absolute necessity to protect the seas as an endangered environment. Sustainable development must also convert to maritime activities and preserving sealife as well coral reefs is part of our mission.
To learn more or support our charity, you could contact the Secretary at
Your help is much needed !

Donations are available to Tax Relief.

Our 2017-2018' Benefactors

Mr & Mrs Henry Alde, Esq.

The Rt. Hon. & Lady Edward Audley-Hamilton, KBE VC.

The Count & Countess Friedrich Von und Zu Arau

Peter D. Albany, Esq.

Mr & Mrs Peter Bradley-Smith, VC.

Mrs Eleanore Brown

Mr & Mrs James Burlington, VC.

Edgar J. Barenwood, Esq.

Christopher E. Barsey, Esq.

The Count Edouard-Marie Cambon des Reaux de Maurecourt

Mr & Mrs Patrick Clarendon, Esq.

Sir Edward Donegal, KBE.

Mrs Amanda Douglas-Ball

The Rt. Hon John Ellerson, OBE.

Rev. Patrick Emery

Capt. Philip Edmonton, Esq.

Rear Admiral Sir John Folkes, GCMG. VC.

Mrs Christiane Geisen

The Viscount Charles-Amaury Gros de Boisfort d'Audricourt

Rt. Hon. James W. O’Connolly

Don. Roberto Pimentel-Rodriguez, Esq.


Bartholomew Quarridge, Esq.

Mr & Mrs Francis Quinty, Esq.

Mr & Mrs John Ransdale, Esq.

The Countess Mary-Adelaide Rowlney-Brown

Dame Margaret Rufus-Johnes, Bart.

Edward Surrey, Esq.

Mrs Janet Sutterson

Mr & Mrs John Smith, Esq.

Capt. Adam Smith, VC.

Mrs Elizabeth Trelawny

Mr & Mrs Jonathan Thomas, Esq.

Sir Michael  Thunderson, Kt.

Mrs Mary Tuldrige-Hall

Capt. Julian E. Unnedin, CBE.

Mr & Mrs Vanami Patel, Esq.

Mrs Mary Vosteer

Jeremy Wood-Barry, Esq.

Sir Thierry Waterford-Mandeville, KLJ.

The Rt. Hon. & Lady William Yates, CBE.

Mr & Mrs William Young, Esq.

The Viscount & Viscountess Amedeo Zanelli


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