October 2nd, AD 2017 – Convocation for the General Assembly of Members (AGM) on Oct. 27th.

Convocation for the General Assembly of Members (AGM) to be held on Oct. 27th. in the library of the Clubhouse.

Dear Members,

The Commodore and Flag Officers are requesting the pleasure of your company to attend the 2017′ General Assembly Meeting of the Club due to take place on October 27th this year, from 10am.

Would you be unable to attend, you may cast your postal ballot by completing the enclosed form or give proxy to vote to a member of your acquaintance.

You may also send communication to be read out to the present members and even motions to be put to vote.

The Board has agreed on the following to be discussed and put to vote the following topics:

1) Annual Reports of the Audited Accounts and Quitus of Bona Fide of the Board;

2) Practical Details for the Clubhouse official reopening in December this year;

3) The incorporation of a limited domestic company named West Indies Yacht Club Limited to serve as operative branch of the association in all profitable activities (restaurant & catering, casino and gambling, …) and to be the employer of the club’ staff;

4) The election of a new Rear Commodore following the retiring of Edward Ramsey, Esq., due to health reasons;

5) The appointing of a management committee of four members to oversee the spendings of the Donations (this is a new legal requirement to meet with international regulations);

6) The preliminary report on discussions with Marriott Hotel & Resorts group regarding the lease of part of the Club land;

7) The employment of two call attendants to deal with telephone enquiries and reservations;

Official convocation would be published on the Library Board later this week.

With best regards

John Ransdale, Esq.
Club Secretary.



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