Yacht Moorings

Yacht' moorings & berthing throughout the year !

Mooring and berthing facilities are offered to Members and Guests throughout the year. At the West Indies Yacht Club, we proudly provides moorings spots which are respectful of the environment and local biodiversity.

To make a booking, please email the Secretary with your date of arrival and departure. Please kindly note that during the busy times of the high season, mooring spots may not be available. Subsequently, we do strongly advise to make your reservation in advance.

Our mooring facility

Yacht Mooring’ Coordinates: 17.902368, -77.101327

All year round !
Buoys are available throughout the year for vessels up to 95ft. Please do make your booking in advance to ensure availability. For larger vessels, you may berth along the club' pier or at a safe anchorage in the bay.
Club tender to access your vessel at any time
The Club' dinghy would take you from your boat to the clubhouse and the way back aboard! A small fee may be levied for using the Club’ Tender to access your vessel when mooring.
Environment-friendly & respect of local biodiversity.
We take pride in having implemented sustainable procedures to ensure all the mooring & berthing-related activities are dealt with on a environment-friendly manner.
You may wish to have a look to the Port Marine Safety Code which governs moorings and berthing of vessels in the British West Indies (as well in Britain). To consult the latest version of the Code, you may click on this link: Port Marine Safety Code.