The WIYC Dress Code is intended to maintain the standards and traditions of the Club. Members and their guests are invited, and strongly encouraged, to embrace the spirit and intent of the Club’s Dress Code.

In general terms, Members are asked to wear smart looking attire including collared shirts, trousers and shorts free from rips, tears, and frays. Not permitted is blue denim, athletic wear, beach wear or shorts/skirts shorter than 3 inches from the knee inside the Clubhouse. (Those beachwear are of course allowed on the Club’ Private Beach).

In the Bar & Fumoir, Dining Room and Casino, after 6pm, Gentlemen shall wear Black Tie.

The Dress Code will be monitored and enforced by Club Management and selected staff members. Members will not be permitted to board the Club Launches or enter the Club’s Formal Areas if they are not appropriately attired.

Certain “launch compliant” clothing items will be offered for sale at the Club Shop to help Members who would otherwise be non-compliant.

Juniors aged ten and over shall dress in accordance with the adult regulations. Children aged nine and under should wear neat and clean casual clothes.

Precise description of what is permitted or not could be found in the Club’ Regulations.

Mobile Phones, PDAs, Laptops, Tablets and eBook Readers. 

Mobile phones, or any other of the personal electronic equipment under this heading, may not be used to make or take voice calls, text messages or emails, or to access and surf the Internet, or to read eBooks in any public room, except as specifically permitted in Regulation 26. (You may have a look at the Club’ Regulations)

These restrictions do not apply if the public room is used for a private event, nor the bedrooms. Personal electronic equipment could only be used outdoor or indoor in the Library only, and not to make nor receive voice calls when other Members are present.

For any further information, please contact the Secretary.