The West Indies Yacht Club was founded for yachtsmen, marine officers, sailing enthusiasts and vessels owners, whether with engine or sails, to promote sailing and classic yachting, maintain, protect maritime heritage and improve sailing techniques as well as vessels performances.

Full Membership is open to ladies and gentlemen alike. The Clubhouse and its facilities are also open to members of other clubs with which the Club has reciprocal arrangements and guests of the Club’s Members. Members, Reciprocal Members and their guests are very welcome to use the Clubhouse which provides a place in which to relax and an elegant and convivial rendez-vous for families and friends to meet, a base for members’ business use and a variety of bars, restaurants, bedrooms, yachts berthing and mooring for members’ enjoyment and convenience.

Membership gives access to reciprocal clubs all around the world, as well preferred mooring rates when visiting overseas marinas and the full use of the Clubhouse. To discover the full extent of the membership privileges, you could contact the Club’ Secretary.

burgee non flying Joining the Club:

To apply for Membership at the West Indies Yacht Club, there are two routes:

  • If you are recommended by a current Member of the Club, he should only discuss it with the Secretary (or email him) and the application would be brought forward to the next General Committee.
  • If you don’t know as yet any Member of the Club, you shall write (or email) to the Secretary a letter requesting your admission as a new member of the West Indies Yacht Club, alongside a Curriculum Vitae, and any other information shall you consider useful to mention.

burgee non flying Joining Fees & Annual Dues:

There is a joining fee to be paid at the time when your Membership would have been approved by the Committee. This fee is payable only once in a lifetime when joining.

Then, Annual Dues are payable depending of your Membership Category. Please see below the Rates for 2016.

Category of Membership

Joining Fees *

Annual Dues (2016)

Full Individual Membership US$ 500- US$ 1,000-
Junior Membership US$ 100- US$    500-
Honorary Membership NIL NIL
Family Membership US$ 500-** US$ 1,250-**
Corporate Membership
(up to 5 members)***
US$ 500-*** US$ 3,500-***

Prices are shown in US Dollars. (USD)
* The Joining Fee is paid only once in the lifetime, at the moment of joining by the Main Applicant.
** The Joining Fee and the Annual Dues are paid by the Main Applicant only. Family membership includes Spouse and over 18-years old Children without limitation living at the same address than the Main Applicant.
*** The Joining Fee as well as the Annual Dues are paid only by the Main Applicant. The Corporate Membership is open up to five persons including the Main Applicant, and then the full Joining Fee as for Individual Membership is due for any additional corporate member. Any additional corporate member (over the five person quota), would be liable to a $800- Annual Dues.
A $200- fee may be levied to cover administrative costs for processing the application.

Members are warmly invited to make the necessary efforts to maintain and develop the Club’s Social life, as well not sparing efforts on the waters to bring home trophies and distinctions which would be displayed in the Clubhouse.

Members proposing new members are responsible for briefing them on the Club Regulations. New members should make an appointment to make the acquaintance of the Secretary at the earliest convenient opportunity.