At the West Indies Yacht Club, we are very proud of the heritage of classic yachting which leaded toward the establishment of the Club as an home for yachtsmen, sailors, sailing enthusiasts and boat lovers in the Caribbean.

As the american banker J.P Morgan said, You could do business with everyone but go sailing only with gentlemen!

The yacht club is one of the oldest and most historic institution in sport. Steeped in tradition, members share in a special bond, both on and off the water. Yacht clubs have played important roles in the evolution of yacht racing.

But above all, Yacht Clubs are special: they are homes. Homes for families who love the sea. People who sail and race on the sea. This common thread, the love of the sea, is what makes a yacht club work. The members of the Club often act like a family. At the West Indies Yacht Club, we passionately love the ocean and we would welcome warmly every people sharing our passion, even without a boat, to enrich ourselves of mutual experiences and build a great friendship between all Members.

1885 – Foundation of the British West Indies Yacht Club

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Founded in 1885 in Kingston, Jamaica, for Navy Personnel based in the British West Indies, the British West Indies Yacht Club is the ancestor of the present West Indies Yacht Club.

1929 – The Great Depression


The Black Thursday crash on the New York Stock Exchange brought uncertain times to the Club as most of its members would soon face bankruptcy, and the club on the verge of default in 1931.

1938 – The British West Indies Service Club


In 1938, to improve its financial position, the club opens its doors to non-navy members and took the name of the British West Indies Service Club. The Club became dormant during World War Two.

1963 – Royal Warrant to fly the Royal Jamaican Red Ensign

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In 1963, just after Jamaica became an independent island nation retaining the British monarchy as Head of State, a Royal Warrant was granted to the Club to fly the Royal Jamaican Red Ensign. Shortly afterwards, the Club would became almost extinct with most of the Navy Personnel returning to Britain. The Club would survive with a handful of devoted members, meeting on an irregular basis.

2003-2015 – Refounding of the Club

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Having been maintained active by a small group of yachting enthusiasts willing to keep traditional yachting spirit alive, the club is refounded under the name of The West Indies Yacht Club. The former Clubhouse is purchased and restoration works begun in 2013. In 2015, having secured a membership of 360 yachtsman, the Club is officially incorporated.

2016 – The Revival of the Sleeping Beauty

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A new committee and flag officers having been elected in 2015, under the impulse of the Commodore Sir Thierry Waterford-Mandeville and the Executive Committee, the membership continued to rise and the rebuilding of the clubhouse made significant progresses. While reviving the existing Reciprocal Agreements, new arrangements were made with major institutions worldwide and plans for a Regatta of our own are drawn.

burgee non flying The Club’ Burgee

The Burgee of the West Indies Yacht Club was adopted at by the first General Committee since 9th November 1885, meeting on 12th December 2015 upon the incorporation of the club as a limited company to meet 21st Century trade requirements:

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The Cross of the Order of Christ, which was on the sails of Christopher Columbus represents the connection with the great explorers of the past, and the blue color stands for the warm caribbean sea.

Burgees could be purchased at the Club’ Shop. Club’ Burgees are available in different sizes. Don’t forget to fly your burgee !

burgee non flying The Badge of the Club

The Badge of the West Indies Yacht Club features the Club’ Burgee and steps in maritime tradition. Badges are worn on Blazers and are also available as cap badges. Blazers’ Badges and Cap Badges are available at the Club’ Shop.

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The Motto of the Club is “Fluctuat Nec Mergitur” (Tossed but not sunk).